repair indy program

Renew Indianapolis manages this program on behalf of the City of Indianapolis. It is funded by the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services’ (BNS) Unsafe Building Fund. Repair Indy aims to repair properties that are in violation and are contributing to the destabilization of neighborhoods.



Currently, when the City issues a repair order, the property owner has 60 days to correct the violations or reach out to BNS for other options. If the owner does neither, a penalty is assessed every 90 days that the violations remain open. This process continues until the penalties max out at $5,000 or the case expires in two years. Either way, once the case expires a new violation order is opened in its place and the process restarts. This process means the property can sit accruing penalties and deteriorating rapidly, causing a myriad of negative side effects to the neighborhood. If the penalties are not paid, they are added to the tax bill and can lead to tax foreclosure and the loss of the property. 



Hearing the complaints of concerned neighbors, Repair Indy targets the properties with negligent owners who have already failed inspections. Instead of letting these houses sit and dilapidate over time, Renew will fix the violations to stabilize the property and BNS will add a penalty for the cost of the work. The owner can pay the fine and keep the property or the house will still go into tax foreclosure, but in better condition and in a better neighborhood. In order to add a property to the Repair Indy Program, each property must go through a hearing process to modify the original repair order and allow for a public bid of work. Hearing dates and property lists can be found below.



For more information on this program, please contact Nicholas Hunot.

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Bid Group 1 -  Property List   (Available February 2020)

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