2019 bid group 1

The administrative hearing to modify the below-listed properties will be held at the Department of Business & Neighborhood Services, 1200 Madison Avenue Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46225 on June 18th, 2019 at 9:00 am. The hearing shall be held before the Hearing Authority to give any persons the opportunity to present evidence and make arguments. At the conclusion of this hearing, the Hearing Authority will decide to uphold or to deny the City’s request to modify the order. If the Hearing Authority finds there has been a willful failure to comply and modifies the order, the City may cause the action required by the order. If no representative appears, the matter will be determined by the sole discretion of the Hearing Authority. If a contractor is hired by the city, all persons having a fee interest, life estate interest, or equitable interest in the property is jointly and severally responsible for the costs incurred by the division. This cost will include processing expenses in addition to the cost of the work. Copies of the orders listed above are on file and available for public examination at the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services. Notice will be published and sent to each owner via the US Mail.


For special accommodations needed by handicap individuals planning to attend the hearing, please call (317) 327 5155 or (317) 327 51866 for the hearing impaired at least (48) hours prior to the hearing.

                                                                                                                                  Hearing Status:

 1103899    1102 Tecumseh St              Photos       BNS Order       Scope of Work             Pending Notice to Proceed

  7032564   1545 Mutz Dr                    Photos      BNS Order        Scope of Work            Approved- Notice to Proceed Given

 1031724     4712 Wentworth Blvd        Photos       BNS Order       Scope of Work            REMOVED from program

 1058226    1469 N Grant Ave             Photos       BNS Order       Scope of Work            REMOVED from program

 1053173     411 N Bradley Ave            Photos       BNS Order       Scope of Work            Pending Notice to Proceed

 1004208    3037 N Olney St                Photos       BNS Order       Scope of Work           REMOVED from program


There are corresponding links to view photos, the scope of work, and the repair order - if processed.

Sealed bids will be accepted by Renew Indianapolis at 202 E Market St Indianapolis, IN 46204 starting April 29th, 2019 at 10 am. ​

Bids are due back at 5:00 p.m. on June 14th, 2019.              VIEW BID RESULTS HERE

Once work is complete, an invoice will be sent to the owner of record detailing the bid price of the work accomplished and an average processing expense determined by the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services. If the invoice remains unpaid fifteen (15) days, the amount will be placed on the tax duplicate of the property as a special assessment or recorded as a lien against all persons having a fee interest, life estate interest, or equitable interest of a contract purchaser in the property.

For more details concerning the Repair Indy Program please contact Osha Brownlee at (317) 454 8523 or o.brownlee@renewindianapolis.org.


The Platform at 202 E. Market Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204
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